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Nerissa Street shows you that leadership looks just like you in these conversations that reveal the uncommon path to a life of personal power. When 10,000 Women step into the light, speak up and stand in confidence for what's important, the world changes for the better.

Nerissa, a TEDx and two-time SXSW (South by Southwest) speaker, recognized that when she stood firm on her innovative ideas in public spaces, she was able to influence the right people to make decisions on her behalf. But she also found that most women didn't see themselves as industry leaders, and they would refuse high-profile opportunities to share their wisdom. This podcast shares the origin stories of some of the most interesting women in the world today, and always leaves you with an least one actionable insight to make your work more effective.

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    10000 Women, 10000 Stages

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    Nerissa Street

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    Nerissa Street is a multiple award-winning educator and filmmaker whose work reveals the hidden power and joy available to all when we master the stories we tell ourselves. She has over 15,000 hours of professional public speaking and trains highly driven professionals to change their community through effective teaching. She's the author of 31 Days of Yes! - a mindset shifting daily guide that supports her tribe of visionaries who also tend to procrastinate. She's both goofy and relentless, and loves to collect seeds.

  • Top Topics

    Women in Business
    Women in Leadership
    The Good Girl Syndrome
    Public Speaking for Women

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    Looking for guests in the field of technology, online business, sales, finance, real estate, education, film and government policy.

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