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Black Girls rock on through all types of interruptions. This podcast will feature some of the most inspiring stories from black women on various social levels, empowering others and rocking on to the next level. We like to think we are the go to conversation on all things concerning the black women experience, whether its wellness, self-love or empowerment, Black Girl Interrupted will interrupt the daily grind to uplift, change and empower women of color to a new level.

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  • Podcast Name

    Black Girl Interrupted Podcast

  • Podcast Host/s

    Ashlee Pitts

  • About the Host

    A Louisiana girl with deep Texas roots is who I am. As a single mother of three, I have encountered so many obstacles in life, that I felt it was time to share my stories, not only to help, but to empower and help ladies to love themselves all over again. It is now time to adjust those crowns and walk like the QUEENS we were born to be.

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