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“Film Bug” is a storytelling podcast that gives a glimpse into the behind the scenes on independent television and film projects. It’s a space where indie filmmakers recount the process of creating a project from development to delivery. From the ups and downs, the fires and sparks, the good, the bad and ugly,

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  • Podcast Name

    Film Bug

  • Podcast Host/s

    Martine Jean

  • About the Host

    From line producing faith-based feature films, “Film Bug” creator and narrator Martine Jean transitioned to running the physical production of unscripted television content, with series airing on Direct Tv and on A&E’s Australian affiliate. Currently, she serves as the SVP of Global Production for a production company in Los Angeles. She is passionate about filmmaking and, as an independent filmmaker, she’s written and directed a number of short films, including “The Silent Treatment,” a 1920s inspired project, and a short film about Haitians of Dominican descent titled “Purgatorio.” She is an Ohio State Buckeye with a license to practice law in Ohio.

  • Popular Episodes

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    102 "Farewell Darkness" with Daniel Pico
    107 "All Gone Wrong" with Josh Guffey

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  • Ideal podcast guest description:

    Filmmakers who've made at least 1 indie film on a no to low budget.

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