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Where we talk about life, honestly. The biggest left turn Society has taken was when we stopped having genuine conversation and I've volunteered as tribute to change that. There is no limit to the conversation only endless opportunities for learning, evolving, and embracing. I'm super excited for this dope journey and even more excited for the memories we'll make through every conversation. So be open minded during these talks and understand, I am just a Blagical Woman out here making the most out of the life I was given.

In loving memory,
My Mama

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    I love to talk, haha. I love to connect with people who are all about having a honest conversation; that good old dialogue. Disagreements are healthy as they force you to think about another perspective which is always enlightening, yet people fear disagreeing because of conflict. A different opinion doesn't mean yours is wrong, it just means someone doesn't agree with you; I like to talk it out, see if I learn anything :)

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    Anyone that is open minded and enjoys honest, no filter, conversations. Safe space this way!

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