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Encouraging men and women to be great by mastering their trust in God; while waiting for the best life partner God has for them. This podcast welcomes both singles and couples. Thanks for stopping by!

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    Mastering Singlehood

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    Hello there! My name is JLP, I’m the voice behind “Mastering Singlehood.”

    I’m also an ordained evangelist, faith enthusiast, art lover and creator. I often combine my love for Jesus and Art to win souls to God’s kingdom. My favorite thing to do is share wisdom & knowledge on Jesus, love, people, journey, life, purpose! Yup. My initials stands for what I’m mast passionate about. I, know... pretty cool, right?

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    Jesus, Faith, Singlehood, Relationships, Purpose.

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    Guests who are passionate about Jesus, life, and having healthy relationships. Those who are actively pursuing their God-given purpose and being change agents in their communities.

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