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It's Never Too Late to Live a Great Life! The Other Side of 40 is a podcast to help women live a guilt free life. We focus on the epiphanies that happen to us somewhere around the age of 40 and support women making positive changes in their lives. As we work to unlearn the bad, and learn the good, we discuss relationships, careers, travel, racial inequities and bias, love, sex, and more! Come join us as we live our best lives on The Other Side of 40. Topics:womenwomen over 40black womenchanging careerschanging careers after 40chan

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  • Podcast Name

    The Other Side of 40 with April Noelle Grant

  • Podcast Host/s

    April Noelle Grant

  • Top Topics

    Changing Careers
    Mental Health
    Family Life

  • Popular Episodes

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    Should Blacks Own Guns in Today's World?
    Restore Your Emotional, Physical, and Emotional Health: Crystals, Reiki and Tarot with Crystal Holloway

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  • Ideal podcast guest description:

    Women over 40 who've made major changes in their lives: had their first child, changed careers, started their own company, moved, came "out" in a non-traditional lifestyle, started over, etc.


    Experts who deal with people in these fields: coaches, therapists, lawyers, doctors, etc.

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