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Tips for Learnings and Tricks for success. Tips, Tricks, Snippets and more for life, money and dreams.  Short bursts of information with your time in mind!

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    Tips and Tricks with Danielle Shelton

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    Danielle Shelton

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    I read my summary this morning and I was like "Wow! You need to revise this honey!"
    I am still interested in diversifying my portfolio but now I want to do it with purpose.
    My Podcast "Tips and Tricks for Online Instructors" has become a joy to record!
    I ditched the uptight vibe and I gave myself permission to be authentic!
    I write, I develop curriculum, I teach and I edit. I've been in education over 20 years and in Higher Education over 10. I'm solid! Now go make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, say a positive affirmation and breathe.

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    HBCU Education
    Following Your Dreams

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    HBCU Hype

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    I'm open. Everyone has something to share.

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